15 June 2007

Fvcking TSA... what a bunch of idiots

The sippy-cup episode. This as retarded as my toothpaste & hair gel. I was headed to KC in May. After an xray and a walk over to table, the TSA monkey searched my day bag. Found the "offending items". Both were over the 3.4oz limit... I told the TSA monkey he was stupid and needed to study chemistry. He then asked me if I wanted to check my bag. Of course, I did. The woman at the counter laughed when I was checking it. However, after the use of a sharpie. I was able to get the exact same two items onto the plane as carry-on in KC. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?!?!?! Assmonkeys!

As for liquids?!?!?!? The two types of liquids proposed for use in the London plot are TATP & HMTD. We all know this is a dumbass method. Can't be done easily. See below:

The explosive is easily made from three colourless liquids- hydrogen peroxide, which is common in antiseptic solutions, acetone, which is commonly used as a paint thinner and nail polish remover, and sulfuric acid, which is available from many sources as a battery electrolyte and drain cleaner.

But let̢۪s be a little bit more critical here. You have to keep all of these three liquids separate from each other until you want to make TATP. You have to use highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide, which is not nice stuff at all- after all, it maimed and killed thousands of people during the Second World War, when the Nazis used it as oxidizer for their A-4 engines. It also gasses off oxygen constantly and reacts aggressively with plastics of all kinds, which makes carrying it anywhere a challenge. You have to use hydrogen peroxide at least a hundred times more concentrated than that which is used as a hair bleach. Oh, and peroxides are already banned in air travel. You have to mix the acetone with the hydrogen peroxide during the reaction, which is actually the hard part. Acetone plus hydrogen peroxide is actually a hypergolic reaction at room temperature. You have to keep the stuff cold to stop it reacting and producing water, carbon dioxide and heat. Oh, and the reaction when you add the sulfuric acid is strongly exothermic.

Then you need to filter and dry the product, and probably use a blasting cap to detonate it. Interestingly, one mole of explosive will produce three moles of cold gas; this means that for a couple of litres of reagent, the most gas that can possibly be produced is just over 75 litres. I can̢۪t see that producing significant overpressure in a modern widebody jet of volume many hundreds of thousands of litres.

Here's how you blow up a plane:

a little knowledge of the aircraft you're taking (this can be obtained easily & publicly)
an Urn of your mother's ashes (containing Iron Oxide and Aluminium powders)
a funky looking necklace (made of a strip of Magnesium)
a match (already permitted)

Simple: a Thermite reaction that would burn right through the aircraft in about 15 seconds streaming molten Iron into the center fuel tank with the inevitable results.


all said...

What exactly did you do w/ the sharpie to get them on the home bound flight? Did you poke him in the eye with it?

wb said...

marked out the weight...

TSAer's quote "I can't find a weight on these. Well, tie goes to the runner."

great security!

Amy said...

HEY since you are so chemically bright and all
which is why I do love u and will call u when I need to blow up shyte...
did u know Mr Wizard died?

wb said...

of course, I know Mr. Herbert is dead. I was called old for knowing who he was... youngins!

all said...

Well, it turns that the lady was just a self entitled bitch. And TSA people are power hungry morans.

I just hope the terrotards don't get caught sneaking a bomb in their underwear, could you imagine the lines at the checkpoint then!

/it's cold!

Frequent Flyer said...

I just put the large plastic bottle of toothpaste in my pocket as I walk through the metal detectors. Duh - it's plastic! TSA am effing jeenyusses.