03 November 2007

New sidebar widget


so many books to add... ugh

good to see the "branime" are on there, where are the rest of you?


all said...

so, it's not necessarily for books you've actually read?


/i tried to read it several times.

wb said...

jebus, no. I can't get past the start of that bastard! I have tried to read it, so it goes on the list.

handrail said...

are we on there? that was anime's doing i think. i seem to remember something about a shelfari.

Mom said...

speaking of books...yes, i just looked at your shelfari which made my ADHD brain take off in another direction ~ i found my cake cookbook, the one you should own. Piece of Cake, Susan Purdy - this one has THE carrot cake recipe. So wait till I die or just go buy it? :D

so i guess i should add books to this shelf thingy?