02 December 2004

Yay. New web blog software

This will make it much easier to finally move to another blog software... not a big fan of MT. I am even less of a fan of GM.

hr & all, Do you need help moving away from that pos program?


e6 said...

Well as much as MT sucks, it has some cool shit.. pMachine is very similiar, in fact I think it is better as it is more customizable.. but it has to use SQL and there isn't much in terms of plugins..

fish said...

It's like your channeling dead crazy people.

all said...

i like GM, i'm comfortable with it. it's not perfect, but it's the least annoying of all the ones i've tried.

but, then again, i haven't looked at anything new in the past year.

handrail said...

i am unr33t. i like grey matter, it's the only prog. i've used. please don't make me destroy the sphere of ignorance i've created for myself by imposing another format.