10 December 2004

Bettman, you are killing the game!!!

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The owners don't care about hockey... Just the money they can make from the "hoosier third deck morans!"


handrail said...

then they can start digging themselves out of the hole they've made. fuck em all. the players are too greedy and so are the owners.

$30 for nosebleed seats is what is killing the game.

wb said...

It isn't the ticket prices (here)... It's the total package, $7 for parking, $18.50 per ticket (up with morans), $6.50 bratwurst/hotdog, $9 for a small beer * 5, all of this per person. If you have kids it is much worse...

The facts are so misconstrude. The owners make much more than they claim, but I think Bettman was a little too happy to expand where there was/is no real hockey base... HELLO, Tampa?!? Pheonix?!? wtf?

handrail said...

you are of course correct, it's all of those things. but, cheap tickets, especially on week nights help to bring in new folks to the sport. i hated paying $18 for nosebleed seats at keal/savvis/whatever. besides, if they are gonna charge $5-9 for a beer, at least make the seats cheap...fuxorz!!!!

3.5 more months til footy season!!!!!