15 December 2004

Blackened Chicken - Salad

So I am currently making Blackened Chicken for chicken salad. Whole Foods sells it at their food counter. $10.99/lb. I don't want to pay that anymore... I have the WF cookbook. Pretty basic BC recipe, but I forgot how much cajun cooking can hurt.

The cops got nothing on my homemade pepper spray!


e6 said...

mmm blackened chicken.. There idea of spicy in japan is ketchup and a drop of tobasco.

**Warning Label**

Remember to thouroughly wash the hands BEFORE using the bathroom or pleasuring your partner.

wb said...

The fog of burning pepper was BAD! the kitchen was really bad, but the whole house smelled like a pepper spray bomb went off. I had pleghm in my throat for an hour!

Do you need some allepo or other spicy things?

Can't you find siracha in the stores?

e6 said...


Actually, I have not been able to find any siracha here.. Even at the foriegn food store. I have yet to find an asian market/chinese food store. Maybe in Oosaka or Kyotoo. The japanese as a whole do not like spicey food. I made a tempe chili for a party and put tobasco in it (I couldnt even taste it!), but not many people would eat it, too hot. Its ashame I don't have any dave's hot sauce >:)

Maybe in the philipenes I will get some stuff.. maybe off the black market.. kalishnikov anyone?

wb said...

email your mailing address. I'll send you a bag of allepo and some siracha.

Texans, Indians & Mexicans unite:
Everyone should be shitting fire!

Vladimir said...

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