17 July 2005

Dialup SUCKS!!!!

I'm in my hotel. No broadband! I have crappy 28k speeds, very few tv channels and an xbox. I'm sure you can guess that I am killing Germans... fvcking Nazis! MOHEA is actually much better than the other MOH games. Why didn't they have squad based play before?

oh yeah, fvck t-mobile. No one can call me, 'cept T-Mobile customers. I've been escallated to the engineering group! I have to wait 3 days for a resolution!!! I just want a functional (inbound) phone!

AND fvck Budget... I wasted ~$100 bucks making the trailer they gave me work (chain, come-along wench, and shackles). Which worked flawlessly! I found out this morning that I could have called roadside service for a new trailer. BASTARDS!