24 July 2005

DnB in Denver Metro

I went to a DnB show last night. It wasn't too bad... The show was this. I got there about 2230, after getting lost in downtown Denver. The venue was pretty large, called the Foxhole. They have a patio out back twice the size of the actual club! I'm guessing that they do a lot of shows there. I met DJ Onket and Kasia-star, they are residents @ The Church. Onket was really friendly about telling me about the DnB scene in the area. Most of the people I have met out here have much more receptive to converstation than those in STL... Go figure. Of course, I drank way too much. It's 1900 and I just feel well enough to drive and be in public... Damn you Ketel One, or would it be: Thank you bartenders!!!

Either way, it was a good time. I am going to try and go to this, this, and this. It looks like I am not going to be able to go to Dallas training camp or drive back to STL for E6 & L2... The whole move has been more expensive than I had thought... farking hotel & PODS & Budget!!!