22 July 2005

Not so much ouch...

As I sit here at starbucks with my latte, laptop, and cigarette... You might drive by on Arapahoe and think what a fucking yuppie. Although the tattoos, black label shirt, and skate shoes might give you a clue, if you are so observant. I am tired but not in pain.

I enjoyed Boulder Aikikai. I can see and feel how shitty my aikido has become. However, I was complimented on my kotegaishi! :D If I were Catholic I would feel the need to repent for my sin of not training... But, I am not so I will kick my own ass by continuing to train! I see how little classical work we did at Mikawa. Hebsei wasn't a very good teacher. I guess we did learn really good ukemi and speedy execution of waza, but not much else. Between my experiences at the two dojos here, I see how much we missed. I wish we would have had more seminars and a better lineage. Or, at least, a teacher who had a teacher.

Anyway, I did have to sign the most insane waiver form I've ever seen for any type of gym or dojo. I had to initial in 16 places and sign w/ a witness in two places. One of those was for bodily fluids caution & handling. Very serious shit... ie: placing the bloody gi in a plastic bag for handling!

So, Nippon-Kan is $50/month & Boulder is $90/month... I would enjoy training in both places, but I am not sure if I will be able to cover $140 a month right way. We shall see...

EDIT: Phone is working, I think.