29 July 2007


So, I got this idea cheese grits. yeah, I know it's been made before... But I want to put my spin on it.

Asiago, aleppo, smoked NaCl grits. I'll let you know how it turns out, with recipe action!

/Nixtamalization is cool
//Changed to "NaCl", since you complained


handrail said...

shrimp and grits are big down here as are cheese grits. i like the sound of you're idea with the aleppo and such. mail me some when you perfect the recipe.

all said...

It took me awhile to figure out you meant 'NaCl'...drove me nuts...

I don't know about smoked grits, that smoke salt to strong shiate....plus that's just way too far off from maple syrup, the only proper grit topping.

wb said...

These are savory grits

no maple syrup, northerner! go back to your cream of wheat.

handrail said...

yeah, NaCl on grits is a requirement...as are cheese and butter.

seriously, wb, let me know how the recipe works out. there is a mill down by my buddy's house south of town that mills fresh grits. i could mail you some in a hermetically sealed bag, if needed.

Amy said...

reminds me of putting syrup in the peanut butter when you were 7