08 July 2007

I am just in a ranting mood


What the fvck is wrong with people? Do you really need flavor in your water? Worldwide, nearly 1.1 billion people (roughly 20% of the world̢۪s population) lack access to safe drinking water... We, Romans, need to add FLAVOR to the clean water we can/do/should drink!?!?!!?!

I wish for a pandemic that targets the dumb, obese, over breeding masses of the US. Leave the intelligent & responsible ones to keep the place running. Well, we may need a few dumb ones to pickup trash, clean the stadiums after events, etc. But I am sure we'll always have prisoners and the rich...

ooooo: Paris Hilton, trash collector (not driver since her license is suspended)


handrail said...

we can't be expected to make our children drink plain, unflavored water, can we?

if i want phony flavored water, i'll just drink a soda, thanks.

all said...

it's jesus in a tap...turns water into wine!

except it isn't wine.