23 July 2007

Ha! Finally, some proof for my rants about diet soda.

Go get some more, ya fat fuckers!

Oh, before someone calls me on my former heavy habit for coke... That was the fat 200# wb.

This rant brought to you by the thinner wb.


handrail said...

well, it basically says that if you like sweet diet sodas there is a chance you'll eat more crap that isn't healthy.

and sorry, pal. you have a lot more time to work off all that bad coke karma before you can be an condescending ex-soda drinker.

and you may want to specify in the future that your coke habit was soft drink based.

wb said...

um, I think that's implied... since a cocaine user would be thin, per the volume @ which I was drowning my liver in HFCS. I am not an ex-drinker, just cut WAY back. Drinking a lot more green tea, not that fucking lipton crap. Mine comes from Japan: 玉露 silly kanji...

And I will not be a born again soda-idiot... I am an ex-smoker, I won't get stupid about cigarettes with people who smoke. Cigars... well um, yeah.

/Cohiba Siglo, mmmm

all said...

It's pop damit!

wb said...

Be happy I am not calling it Coke... like those from Texas.