26 August 2007



I don't remember having this many crickets in Boulder. They are crazy loud here. Maybe if I drown them... Hmm


handrail said...

but you can resurrect them if you you do decide to drown them but need to bring them back for some reason.

/push on the thorax.

Mom said...

ROFLMAO...sorry I had crickets last year and they drove me crazy. The visual of resusitating a cricket is funny. It could be worse - you could have scorpions. It's so freaking hot, they are coming inside for water. I found a tiny one on my countertop cabinet yesterday...he went to scorpion heaven via the disposal... screw the "I can't kill a living thing" notion. I HATE bugs! (and stupid people). speaking of people, did you see the chick on the news who is a football player?..holy cow, she is huge!