21 August 2007

Yes, I am an isolationist.

Stupid bastards

I think instead of bringing people into the country to do IT work, train people in our country first! Half of the people I work around I can barely understand, the accents are too damn thick! Funny that so many in India study Oracle/Informatics/DBA skills, hell most IT skills. We need to train our own people to do the same things. But we charge $30K for that training... Then need to up the H1-B count to compensate for the shortage!?!?!?!?! There are people out there that need jobs. I bet there are people who are smart enough to handle IT work, that never get a chance because of their skin color/social status/etc.

I shouldn't have to compete with these people... I do think the EEOC should have provisions that state the best local candidate gets preference. ugh.


all said...

fucking immigrants and their damn migration. get back on the damn boat and go home! fricking banana eating, spear chucking, funny talking, lousy dressing, good for nuthin, finish-eating, doodie heads!

wb said...

you forgot: dog eating, yo-yo throwing, spam eating...

But I don't have issues with immigration as a whole. I think we need to do something before we wake up in 20 years, and wonder why we are a country of undereducated morans making cars no one buys... oh. wait. never mind

all said...


Yeah, our priorities here are just fuXored. It cost $30K to get an education for a job making about $40K/year (per salary.com figures based on intro IT job in the midwest)while you have fucktard athletes making millions who skated thru the education system b/c they're good at playing w/ their balls.