16 August 2007




Mom said...

Okay, I travel a LOT. So based on my experience with the brilliance of the TSA folks, I'd say we are in deep fucking shit. Seriously, I had one stop me because my laptop bag tested for "chemicals" and this was at 5 AM in Minneapolis when I'm still on 3 AM AZ time and all I want is some caffeine. Big production taking my bag, searching it, putting it on some machine and then announces to me "ma'am, did you know your bag has lotion on it?" Um, no but you know maybe I put on some hand lotion before I picked it up, your dork. Thanks for wanding me, searching me, slowing me down on my way to another joyous ride on some airbus at the crack of dawn...yeah, have a nice day. Who are these people? And now they are going to profile us by looking at our faces. Oooookay.

So I can't wait till they stop me because I looked pissed off. I think I need to move to Canada.

all said...

WB, are you posting as your mom again?

wb said...

yeah, I've been IM-ing myself too