21 April 2008

Bisphenol A (BPA) fears

So, there have been a few news articles lately about BPA in plastic bottles, canned food liners, & other consumer products. I understand that Canada is talking about laws to deny the sale or use of items with BPA, and in true Walmart fashion they're reacting to the press & banning children's products with BPA. This seems about as dumb as arguing about global warming... This will require more study. If you are one of those idiots that thinks the water tastes different because you change bottles... well, you don't have a clue. The levels of BPA that are being seeped are in the 100ug/kg/day levels.

I don't feel compelled to believe the Plastics industries studies, nor do I feel the need to accept only the scientist who've done nothing but research this single issue for 20 years. We will all die in the end.

Worrying about plastics when there are things like war mongers in office?!?!? I'll stick with worrying about whether some idiot in DC is going to start WWIII.


Mom said...

Caffeine is bad for you, caffiene is good for you; chocolate is bad for you, chocolate is good for you. Eat meat, don't eat meat (really DON'T eat meat), wine is good for you, wine is bad for you, pot will make you become a heroin junky (yeah, right)....they don't know what is good or bad - they just want you to believe their latest BS and BUY more stuff, whatever they're selling. You're right...worry about the insanity in DC - we're only a bazillion dollars in debt and killing people daily. My tax dollars at work. sigh. k, off my soapbox and going to bed now. Peace ~