28 April 2008

Day of Silence

Just think if we didn't do this:

Obama wouldn't be running for president, nor would Tiger Woods be one of the best golfers ever. I think maybe it's time we not worry about people's sex lives.

And my son participates in this. He's more socially responsible than I was at 13. Last year, he told me his mother had yelled at him for not speaking. I wonder if the same thing will happen this year, or maybe she'll ASK him what he's doing.

New category because of this posting… and I really hate Christians. Nothing like their magical flying son.


mom said...

your son will be a better man for surviving her insanity. besides he might escape sooner than later due to having a good father.

h3nryd00d said...


handrail said...

good on ya, zeb!

Zeb said...

I did participate and it was like last year i was made fun of and called gay. i explained to all my teachers the day before that i wasn't going to talk so they understood. i also explained to my mom that it was and she wanted to participate (which i thought she was being sarcastic and trying to be mean) but she didn't.

wb said...

I am proud of you Zeb, but you know that.

Be proud of your "outcast" status, the monkeys in school with you will only become sheep like their parents.

handrail said...

very cool, zeb. 4 more years and you'll be free of the morons at public school.