21 April 2008

With the decline in science education in this country:

Let the fall begin. I can't believe religious zealots can be this dumb... ok, no. I take that back, bearded guy in the sky with the magical resurrecting son.

Yeah, can't do it. Ramen


handrail said...

let's move to iceland.

wb said...

I would be fine with the top 4.

Too bad Spain is so low [largest consumer of Cuban cigars, all the best are sent there]

Mom said...

Iceland is cold and so are the others. I'm for going to France - I don't care if they hate us and I can't speak french. If I weren't American, I would hate us too. We're stupid and fat. (well not me personally!)

llk said...

Ideally I'd like for the next county I live in to be English-speaking, but if it gets me away from preachy co-workers, I'm down for any of the countries in the top half of that list. Anyone who comes with me has to get their own visa though. No more visa marriages for me!

h3nry said...


Latest Bill Maher Real Time shows have talked about this. Good stuff.